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 Video Remote Interpretation 

 in the Middle East 

Expressing your Ideas Clearly

InterpretME is a VRI application could be used with mobile, tablet and PC benefiting from modern technology to deliver translation services. This “Video Remote Interpretation – VRI” app is supported by the latest technology capabilities.

InterpretME removes all language barriers for effective interpersonal communication. Whether meeting in a single room or engaged in conversation through any type of telecommunication means from different places, people of different languages can easily communicate. They are not required to know each other’s language.

InterpretME app is available at iTunes and Play Store for smart phones.      

Easy to Use

Professional Experts

Operating Management

Instant Service

Who's behind InterpretME?

InterpretME is affiliated with the United Arab Emirate’s oldest translation company TGMC,  which is underpinned by a proud service history that spans more than two decades.

TGMC is a certified examination centre for the UK’s Chartered Institute of Linguists – postgraduate Diploma in Translation. TGMC is a Corporate Member of International Medical Interpreters Association.

Ideal Solution for Instant Live Interpretation

InterpretME is currently used by hospitals, immigration offices and other government departments in UK and law enforcement bodies in USA with the aim of providing istant interpretation services upon request when no on-site interpreters are available.

This new technology is now available in the Middle East launched from the United Arab Emirates where more than 200 nationalities reside. Through InterpretME, they can successfully communicate anytime.

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