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InterpretME is affiliated with the United Arab Emirate’s oldest translation company TGMC,  which is underpinned by a proud service history that spans more than two decades.

Over the past three years, TGMC developed InterpretME leveraging the expertise and professionalism of its vast team of native interpreters located around the globe. InterpretME provides government and private institutions and individuals with first-class mobile translation services, with a touch of a button.

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Executive Team

Sahar Haffar Moussly

Founder & CEO

Sahar is herself a passionate, expert linguist and a UK certified and accredited simultaneous interpreter. Sahar has a drive and understanding for the industry that is reflected in her business acumen. Sahar has also worked at some of the world’s largest media organisations, as an on-air interpreter for Al Arabiya News Channel and Dubai TV, as a translator for Reuters news agency and Middle East Digest in the UK, to name a few. Possessing first class industry credentials, Sahar’s extensive experience has earned her a reputation as a reliable, first rate professional within the linguistic field, and continues to be widely sought after by high-level clients across the world.

Saadi Moussly

Managing Director

As Managing Director, Saadi brings his business acumen and extensive expertise to oversee all operations that have kept TGMC successfully functioning for almost two decades. Saadi’s long history of operating businesses from London to Romania means he works closely with all departments, including finance and administration. He ensures the impeccable organisation and structure of TGMC is solid, allowing us to provide the excellent service that we do.

Maya Haslam

Managing Executive

Maya primarily works closely with the CEO to ensure the overall smooth running of operations. Maya is a dedicated communications professional with world-class experience in advertising, marketing, branding and corporate communications. Maya has been an integral part of TGMC since 2006 and with 20 years of experience in the Gulf her management consultancy skills are invaluable as she is fully conversant in regional business etiquette and culture.

Mona Moussly

Senior Projects Manager

Heading our events services department, Mona executes a hands-on-approach to making sure our services are delivered flawlessly. Of a journalistic and public relations background, Mona has experience working for Huffington Post, Sky News, Al Arabiya and the United Nations Development Programme. During her time at TGMC, Mona has led on a variety of our high-profile events with excellent project planning and execution that ensures the effective coordination, delivery and quality control of our services.

 We are proud  of our clients' trust

Many high-level government and private organizations trust our interpretation services. For twenty years, we have delivered interpretation services for more than 1000 conferences and business meetings, in which we conveyed speakers’ ideas professionally and accurately  and translated thousands of contracts and documents in different fields and languages.

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