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Corporate Packages

First Package

Up to 100 hours

Audio or Video Interpretation

Second Package

Up to 200 hours

Audio or Video Interpretation

Third Package

Up to 300 hours

Audio or Video Interpretation

An Ideal, Cost-Effective Interpretation Solution

Video Remote Interpretation using InterpretME app is more cost-effective than traditional interpretation services. This new technology has the feature of payment based upon the number of minutes used.

InterpretME is continuously adding new languages to the service as per clients request..  

We have made available a number of bundles for affordable prices that suit government and private organizations. The bundles are designed according to hours of use and valid for 12 months as of the date of contract.

Package Upgrade

If the usual InterpretME bundle does not meet your video interpretation needs, just call us for booking through the application 24 hours in advance.

Please note that for sessions of longer than two hours, the booking should include two interpreters. 

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